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Accident and Recovery


A medal presented following the Hamstead Colliery Disaster, Staffordshire, March 1908. It was presented to John Cadman for attempting to rescue trapped miners. The medal is round and gold with a light green ribbon and gold clasp bearing two figures, one assisting the other during the mining disaster. They are surrounded by a laurel wreath and there is a miner's lamp and pick at their feet. The reverse bears inscriptions and hallmarks.

The Hamstead Colliery disaster which occured on 4th March 1908 killed 26 men, including a rescue man. A fire broke out near the bottom of the downcast shaft. This was believed to have been started by a candle. Poisonous fumes built up in the roadways, trapping and killing 25 miners. At this disaster the WEG rescue apparatus was used, an early form of breathing apparatus.

Object number:  YKSMM: 2000.567

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